Solution of Missing Teeth

​What are the solution of missing teeth ?

The modern way : the artificial dental root ( Dental implant )

With decades of experience, you can honestly say : dental implants are one of the best , most efficient and successful responses to tooth gaps . They are incredibly durable and efficient.

It is also no coincidence that instead of lost teeth used artificial roots to the most popular surgeries include , as this can make the condition of the actual teeth of the patient. This is exactly why it can be said that this is one of the best solutions that can select one or more teeth of the patient in the event of replacing .

The dental implant is an artificial root made ​​of biomaterial , which was invented to replace the (lost) actual tooth. The cover is made from unalloyed titanium screw is inserted at the end of a carefully planned process in the patient's jaw , where it forms a secure foundation for the crown , and the end result is a perfect copy is : exactly like natural teeth , but much stronger and perhaps also beautiful. Although it is one of the most costly method of dentistry, the popularity of the implants is unbroken , and not only stars use them, but also ordinary people . Since the human organism titanium completely assumes complications are minimal , Statistics show that 90 percent of implants are successful.

To insert the artificial roots which are considered routine surgery surgery is necessary , in the course of which the dentist , the patient's gums cut open , and the implant is screwed on the given area in the bone. He can do this, an accurate diagnosis and a Zustandsermessung is necessary. Only in patients with an appropriate health status of the operation can be carried out , and is an indispensable condition is an appropriate amount of bone.

The performed under sterile conditions , under local anesthesia surgery is painless and after the removal of the sutures , the implants heal under the mucosa on. There are 3-6 months necessary to the artificial roots used are resilient: during this period, the bones grow cells in the micropores of the screw , and so keeps the implant without damaging the later acting from chewing pressure .

After Osseintegration ( Bone- growth) , the dentist first frees the artificial root , and placed a gum- forming structure that shapes the patient's gums within a very short time . Then an impression is made ​​, and with the help of the impression is created by the technique of dental restorations.

The bolted to the structure of the implant behaves just like a natural tooth abraded : it not only can a crown be placed thereon , it can also function as a bridge . A larger toothless part can be produced with two implants and a bridge perfectly again , for this reason is considered the artificial root as the best solution in the field of dentistry.

The biggest advantage is that in the case of small inter-row gaps healthy teeth do not need to be sanded ( for the purpose of making a bridge ) , or you can fall back on them when made ​​a conventional manner out - nehmbarer dentures because of the loss of Kauzähne can be .

The majority of the Hungarian dental clinics specializing in implant-supported dentures . The implantations are carried out by those oversized 'experience in implant dentists and specialists at low prices.

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